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Adventure Game #001: Waypoint Traversal

Way-points have always seemed to be an important part of gaming; traversing a unit through a path, patrolling an area, etc. Project and Source downloads are at the bottom of the post. I started this post with what I thought was a well rounded and defined goal. As I moved forward with the code I thought "Hey, it would be cool to do this and add that". after going around and tripling my scope I decided to pair the features down to the basics: Moving to Random way-points and Traversing a way-point list in order. All other code was shelved for a part 2 and 3 (Reversing Direction, Shortest Paths) I set forth with the idea to have unique customization events happen to each individual object traversing and with that in mind each unit contains the follow options:  eWaypointAction {TraverseNext, Random} eWaypointStartAction { TraverseNext, Random } eWaypointIntermediateAction { TraverseNext, Random } eWaypointEndAction { Destroy, GoToStart, Random } eWaypointState { Waitin

Adventure Game #000: Testing

First post for testing. I am a Computer Science graduate from the University of Washington turned indie developer. My goal is to create a Module built adventure game piece by piece and document the process with the hopes to help someone in the future. I have been part of several game projects including  Defense of Allenda ,  Ghostlight Manor , and  GoArmy Edge Football Here we go! Thank you for checking out my page, I intend to post every 1-2 weeks on a new part of my adventure game. For now, here is a sneak peak at my first Adventure Game post (Waypoints)